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We have a fail-proof plan that puts you on the pathway in 100 days to make 100K in your first year with Jeff Cook Real Estate. Are you ready to make your move? 

Becoming a Jeff Cook Real Estate agent means that you’ll receive access to our tried and true tools, systems, and accountability from managers and mentors through our 100 Day to 100K Training Program. Our leadership team knows the ins and outs of what it takes to be successful in the real estate industry and is ready to share the secrets with YOU! 

We know how to tell if you have what it takes to be successful in real estate. Sign up today to get on the pathway to a 6 figure career!


Upon joining Jeff Cook Real Estate as an agent you’ll immediately begin your journey to making 6 figures on DAY 1. All new agents begin by being immersed in a 21-Day Fast Track Training Program and have the opportunity to continue their real estate education to learn how to communicate effectively with clients, write contracts, host open houses, and more. Whether you're an experienced sales professional looking to make the switch to real estate or a brand new agent, you'll have access to expert training all while building a successful set of real estate skills that will set you up to make $100k within your first full year! One of our newest tools is called the Volume Breakdown Analysis. This tool allows you to input the volume you desire to make and reveals the output that is needed each day to reach your goal! This tool coupled with our Success Tracker allows for mentors and managers to see you successfully reach six figures in your first year at Jeff Cook Real Estate.


Jeff Cook Real Estate agents who choose to opt into the 100 Days to 100K Program, receive exclusive access to our very own teaching guide made for agents! New agents will learn how to time block their daily schedules and learn step-by-step how to make each day a productive one that results in future commission. From calling leads to touring new neighborhoods in the area, there is always something to do and brush up on your real estate skills. During the course of this intensive 100 Day Training Program, each agent will have practiced writing a minimum of 30+ contracts, previewed 20+ properties, held 6 open houses, toured 25+ existing communities and 6 new construction communities ultimately designed to lead to a six-figure income with Jeff Cook Real Estate.


Quite possibly the most unique part of becoming a Jeff Cook Real Estate agent is the support culture we’ve cultivated. Each sales office is headed up by managers and mentors who are trained to hold new agents accountable and push you to realize your potential in real estate. As a new agent, you won’t have to worry about falling behind because of a lack of direction. The managers and your Broker-in-Charge are easily accessible and available for questions and accountability. We designed our brokerage so that the leadership is only successful if the agents they lead are successful. Each person really is dedicated to your success because their own success depends upon it!

This program is designed to help you build strong habits over the first 100 days with Jeff Cook Real Estate so that if you continue these habits for the entire year, you will have mastered how to earn at a minimum, 100K in your first year of real estate. sign up. 

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